My love, My life, My mom.

This is a poem written in the memory of a greatly loved person, a fantastic wife, a lovely daughter, a lovely mother and a bubbly friend. She was someone to whom every one looked up to and respected her advice and ideas, a person who is missed greatly and the one has imprinted several things and taught so much just through her actions. This is one poem written by me for a mother who was more of a friend and understood me more than anyone ever can. She treated me just like another friend and always had respect for my ideas and never once, let me down. Feeling proud, Today, I can say, I had a mother who was completely fantastic and I love her more than anyone can. I am proud of her and just want to let her know that she was an idol for people who have given up hopes. I love you, Mom.

Why did you have to go, mom?
Why did you have to die?
Why did you leave me behind,
With nothing to do but cry?

I miss you terribly,
I can’t believe you are gone…
I can’t believe this happened
I don’t know how life will go on…

Those times we had together
Keep coming back to me
Those shopping sprees, eat-outs
And all movies we went to see..

I miss all our talks and walks
And I miss the love you showed
I miss the amazing guidance
And all the stories told…

I miss every time I wrote a poem
And showed it to you,
I remember how proud you were
And you told me so.

I remember the pains you took,
To make sure I was ok.
No one can ever again
Love me in the same way

You were the best
You had a heart of god
And what hurts me now
Are the things left untold.

My love for you,
Will never go away,
In fact it will grow intense each day

I hope somewhere
Wherever you maybe
And you can hear me now
And read this poem and see

This poem doesn’t do you any justice
Nothing ever will
But do you wonder,
Why am I writing still?

I wrote to tell you,
That I know how you loved the sight
I wrote to tell you
That I will continue to love you

I will continue to make you proud
I will continue to shine
I will always remember…
Your heart rests with mine!

I love you.



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