Moving on…

Maybe I was wrong. Moving on is probably the only solution to this loss. It may take time.. But I am getting over it. I am learning. I am moving on. I wanted to be there for her at any time of the day.. But I didn’t know it would end this way. We made promises, prayed together, she taught me to walk… to talk… to be who I am. If it wasnt for her, I wouldnt be who I am today. 


I thought I would never forget those two days. The day the horrible news arrived, and the day you punished me to live without you. I didn’t know how to react.. I was hurt, I was upset, I was lost. I couldn’t believe it or rather didn’t want to.

I still shed a tear every once in a while… because, in my heart, you will always remain. The one who loved me unconditionally, the one who accepted me for who I am, the one who taught me to behave and the one who taught me to be me. I will never forget you. Not even if I want to. 

The smiling face.. the laughing eyes… the most beautiful smile and the most comforting voice. I love you. And always will. I love you mom. 


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